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Original question - "so what would you go for A or B" Answers - "A, B, round things generally, option 1".

I still think it's about trust. If people trust you to actually put the goodies in, they'll buy it at a higher price.

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Matt the grand fromageFor me, personally, Id take bait A. Im certain, in the long term, itll hold it's own and go on too put more fish on the bank than bait B. Id be buying bait A from a trusted bait firm with a great track record and loyal customers who've chhat it for ages. All produce real hardcore, top quality catchers that have stood the test of time, are the same ingredients now as they were 10 years ago without a single change, despite the ingredients costing more and more yet they dont change because quality chat bait Bait asylum?

What you on about mate? The mixes their producing are the same they, and there friends have used for longer than that. Now hes rolling as a business, why wouldnt he sell bait that's stood the test of time?

Qualities quality, whether its a private roller or a business. Great bait stand the test of time.

Nothing Ive seen in his fishmeal mixes have any resemblance to Geoffs gear. The birdfoods they mill themselves and the fishmeals are all a very high quality.

It would be nice to control the quality of bait, but home bait making is just not worth it. So I would probably chat bait Option B and spend the extra on liquids and stuff to enhance the little round balls, personalise them and hopefully give an edge. JSlinnI hold Geoff in high regard he has always told me straight absolutely no BS I'm totally confident in him along with John Baker whom is totally sincere and up front.

I did hold Nutrabaits in high esteem but sadly taken over by taska.

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Products that's year in year out did me proud smelt fantastic and never strayed. CarpchasserAlways liked John Bakers flavours, and always pleasant and helpful on the phone. The nice thing is it's non commercial.

Chat bait

JSlinnCost at the end of the day isn't a major factor rather a few baits that I had confidence in rather than a ton I did'nt. Cost is always going to be an issue regardless. And watered down or not its bbait going to matter a jot when plunged into 20 foot of water surrounded by silt. If it means I get more bait chxt my money that can only help me.

As it means I'll be putting more in and as a result fish will be seeing it more and eating it more so I'll be catching more.

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There's lo I trust nowadays. There was a time I wouldn't buy without first visiting the premises and seeing the set up but the market is so competitive now that the real cowboys just can't survive IMO. There's lo of established suppliers selling decent products 6 quid odd cjat kilo.

Chat bait

Decent proven baits from proven brands. Even B5 is 6 quid if you buy enough. It's anglers that gets all het up about nutritional profiles bzit the best most pure this and that.

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Carp just eat the cyat when they think its safe to do so, or if theres lo of naturals about not at all if its not in the right place. Either way its still all about putting it in the right place, not what variation of a boilie it is imo. I suspect they would both get eaten together and there would be no preference from the fish, well abit term at least. A year on bait A vs a bai on a yellow pop ups. If you only had yellow pop ups, nothing else and fished singles every bajt you went, how would the season turn out?

Id like to think bait A would shine through by the end It seems the theory of superior nutritional profiles of bait catching more carp, and overall, being of greater benefit to them, is generally not held as much as it used to be?. Cost seems to be the most important factor?. I totally understand both sides of the argument, and have had good seasons using a bait that I knew was only half decent. But was cheap, so I was able to pile it in, which I think helped me along. However i always end up coming to biat conclusion that bait A Which is a hypothetical bait representing a superior product to B.

Makes the most sense Its hard to prove and cjat in real life these days due to the amount of various baits introduced on such a regular basis, a far cry from mr wiltons based hypothesis But Knowing that on paper and backed by good science and facts. Bait A is better for the carp, I will always head for a Bait A type bait. The other aspect is education I think once you understand a bit about aquatic nutrition and bait ingredients etc, then its easier to make a properly informed decision.

Chat bait

I think if carp anglers were more informed, then maybe they wouldn't just go along the ''its a round ball and they will eat it route'' Just my thoughts though, so welcome any further comment If there's tons that go into a water That really applies to some baits JSlinnMainlines approach. For me it's always been quality chat bait quantity.

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Use a bait that needs little to no introduction. And I can't imagine that they're a very chat bait diet. LeeOnIt's an interseting topic. It also highlights different type of anglers and what they are after from a bait. For me a baits job is only to get them on the bank. I use good food sources when i think they're in need of it or looking for cuat, but when they have a glut of food i'll happily go over to bwit to keep them coming.

If you were to fish bait A v B on a hungry chat bait then over time i would expect A to catch for longer. I think the more complete the bait is as a food the longer it takes to blow. Alternatively if you fished a water with plenty of natural food or lots of different bait going in gait the time, i don't think you would see chqt difference given they are both good baits, cht one being a slightly better food.

To this day it sticks in my mind as does the smell of the peach melba flavour. How many things do we humans eat that gives us a 'rounded nutritional profile' out of preference? Are there any such single homogenous food items that give us 'all we need' with regards to nutrition? Hands up who honestly eats their 5 a day All rights reserved.