A Message from Mark

I’ve been blessed with many different experiences, opportunities and challenges in the photographic industry. A major chapter of my life was spent as an executive in the world’s largest photography company. That chapter offers a unique set of perspectives and practices for today’s imaging industry and the photographic marketplace. I have been in front of people my entire career speaking to groups of two and for audiences of two thousand or more.  My presentations are characterized by meaningful stories, employing examples, sharing ideas, injecting humor, displaying emotional range, plain speaking and knowing when to use those qualities to achieve the objective of the message. We help by leveraging our resource team of seasoned innovative experts from the volume photography marketplace, each with a unique set of skills and knowledge representing the different photographic segments in the industry. Mark Schoenrock, President

Our goal is to drive your company’s performance by providing education, training & coaching on executive leadership, management development, innovative thinking, organization design, change & performance management, strategy development, and photography development

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