Are you a photographer considering entering the school picture business? Are you a volume photographer looking to expand your presence in schools?

The volume photography business differs from the traditional studio model and requires the photographer to build a relationship with school administrators.
How do you start? Who makes the decision on which vendor to use? How can you get noticed by the school and the decision maker?
This easy to read and simple to use full-color guide addresses the sales aspects associated with calling on schools. The purpose of the guide is to equip you to build a personalized sales plan for your photography business.

Topics include the following:

  • Understand your first customer…Schools
  • Conduct a school assessment
  • Learn about each school
  • Who makes the decision
  • Conduct a competitor assessment
  • Determine your value proposition and brand
  • Partnering with services and commissions
  • School expectations and pain points
  • Develop a school visit plan
  • Customer relationship management
  • Build your sales portfolio
  • Develop your relational sale
  • Selling steps
  • The right salespeople
  • Sales agreements (template for a sales agreement)
  • Work a full year plan
The spiral-bound guide is 29 pages in length with a clear plastic front cover and black plastic back cover. $49.99 PER COPY & SHIPPING within the 48 contiguous states IS FREE. Add $16.00 for shipping to Canada or Hawaii.