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PSPConsulting has decades of experience working with professional photographers, photography companies and suppliers in the school, sport and special event markets. We leverage our network of seasoned innovative experts from the volume photography marketplace, each with a unique set of skills and knowledge representing the different photographic segments in the industry.

Our goal is to drive your company’s performance by providing education, training and coaching on leadership, strategic thinking, performance management, change management, sales and photography program development.

Mark Presents “KABOOM” at Candid Color Systems Summer Conference

The incredible folks at Candid Color Systems are once again sponsoring their annual educational Summer Conference for customers. I’m pleased to share that PSPConsulting will be there to help out. Mark will be presenting his message “Kaboom” on Tuesday, July 24 and Wednesday, July 25. The competitive landscape in volume photography is changing.

  • First, we’ll look at Shutterfly’s acquisition of Lifetouch. Is this acquisition transformational? Shutterfly has mapped out a go-to-market strategy and expects to extend and monetize their reach to a new low-cost channel of millions of customers provided by Lifetouch.
  • Second, a short history lesson. We’ll take a quick look at the evaporation of some of volume photography’s biggest brands and what we can learn from their experience.
  • Third, what about the consumer and school pictures? What has mom been telling us about our product and is there more that we can do to stay relevant?
  • Fourth, just who is the competition anyway and how does tradition fit in.
  • Finally, we’ll take a look at the Power of New and determine if it has a role in school photography.
CaptureLife Comments on Mark’s Message 

CaptureLife Comments on Mark’s Message 

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